Star Racing

Star Racing 1.0

Race star ships through outer space
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Pilot as fast as you can and reach the finish line before your opponents do but stay on the track or your vehicle will explode.

Star Racing is another of those games which you can freely download from the site
This tittle is an sport game, If you like to drive, this is your game.
As we already said, in this game you must drive a car in a very special scenario, the space, after you select your car colour and another stuff the race begins. You will be able to choose between single race or championship, after you select which one you want to play, you will start.

You can see how your car explodes when you go out of the road.
The game play is very simple, you have to remember that you will control your car with your keyboard and sometimes you will be able to use your mouse.
The goal is very simple, you must win the race without crashing any other car. Meanwhile you will be able to have spectacular views of the earth and another planets.

Graphics and sound
The scenarios are incredible realistic, the graphics are very well done. The sound effects are suitable and the sound track is nice, but repetitive.

In conclusion, this is a very good game, you will enjoy it.

María Noel Balla
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